I have mentioned in previous articles, the uncanny way that Tarot cards have of mirroring our day-to-day lives back to us so we can navigate the ups and the downs of our life story by seeing certain situations with extra clarity.

When you start reading the Tarot, you realise that each card has its own voice, a  personality, its own vibration and its own story to tell.

The role of storytelling in Tarot becomes a map that gets you from A to B: from question to answer for the person you’re reading for.

One of the big stories you’ll learn if you want to read Tarot is The Fool’s Journey. This card is the first in the deck, numbered 0. He allows us to understand the point we’re at on our own journey, or where we’ll be arriving in the near future.

The Fool’s Journey
 is the chronological structure which has been woven through the cards to represent –

  • important stages of our life
  • lessons which have a profound impact on us
  • and junctures that have the potential to completely change our path


By understanding the 22 steps of The Fool’s Journey, you can understand your own past, present and future in a reading. Let’s look at the first 10.


It begins with The Fool (0) starting off on a new journey feeling excited, inspired and free. However, he has no experience yet, so he’s unaware of the fact that he could be about to walk off the edge of a cliff! He’s naive but his energy is high and he’s full of good intentions.

He meets The Magician (1) who teaches him anything is possible. The High Priestess (2) to help him discover the physical and spiritual world on a deeper level. His mother, The Empress (3) represents fertility, nurturing ability and abundance. His father, The Emperor (4) sets rules and regulations to ensure his path is safe and stable. He meets The Hierophant (5) who teaches the importance of traditions but after so long alone, he craves company; finding joy and union as The Lovers (6) where he learns about co-operation. He rides The Chariot (7) towards his goals learning that he can achieve anything with ambition and drive. He finds inner Strength (8) through courage and then seeks solitude to reflect and becomes The Hermit (9) where he realises with the Wheel of Fortune (10) that things will happen exactly when they’re meant to and that we’re all subject to fate. This can be good or bad depending on which way the Wheel turns.


This is just a snippet of my Tarot Masterclass. If you want to learn more, contact me for a free 30 minute taster session and I will introduce you to the rest of The Fool’s friends. Anyone can learn Tarot. Where will your journey take you?