In a tech-obsessed world, Tarot has captured the collective imagination.

When Facebook and WhatsApp went down recently, we were reminded how obsessed we are with technology; but thanks to the internet and the pandemic, ‘Tarot is trending!’.

Or rather, the resurgence of an old practice has been given a new lease of life thanks to the unlikely pairing of mystical ritual and technology. Suddenly, Tarot is available to us through our laptops, phones and tablets at whatever hour or moment we are ready to consume it. An art, once relegated to dusty occult bookshops or passed down by word of mouth has burst into our lives, and onto our screens through channels like Facebook, YouTube and Tiktok; which recently gave rise to ‘WitchTok’. The online home of the ‘magickal-arts’ for so-called ‘baby witches’ which has already generated more than 5.2 billion views globally.

Tarot and technology might seem like an unexpected pairing but it’s a perfect fit. The Internet is a vast network of information designed to demystify the world. Tarot has the same aim: It’s a spiritual technology, a tool that offers guidance to anyone with questions and an open mind. The cards are a mindfulness tool. A straight-talking, straightforward way to acknowledge and reflect all parts of you. Knowing and accepting yourself, your limitations and your biases, your strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to live in harmony with yourself and others.

Tarot and oracle cards are available for making sense of our ever changing lives so we can gain new perspectives that will help us in the long run. Thanks to the internet, Tarot has become very mainstream and I think it’s because we are all looking for the same thing; a connection with ourselves and with spirit. Tarot helps you meditate on your own life and your emotions. So apart from the hair salon and your therapists’ office there isn’t anywhere better to find unbridled self-reflection. We are all just trying to find out who we are and what our purpose is. The tarot helps us clarify things we already know deep down and connect to the inner voice we ignore and push away. During times of uncertainty, people turn to the Tarot for answers and to regain a sense of security.

So although it’s appeal may be difficult to grasp for those who are less familiar with its results, my readings are helping people to access the deepest corners of their soul to reveal what they already know is the best course of action for their lives.