New Year’s resolutions date back 4,000 years to the Babylonians who may have started this tradition during Akitu, a 12-day celebration of crop planting, king crowning and pledging. Popular new year pledges included loyalty (to the king) and promises (to pay debts and return borrowed items). They believed that by keeping their word, the gods would look favourably on them all year.

In Rome, Emperor Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar in 46 B.C. that declared January 1st the beginning of a new year. This date honoured a two-faced god called Janus who looked back simultaneously into the previous year and forwards into the new year rewarding those who delivered on their promises.

In the Middle Ages, knights placed their hands on a roasted peacock on January 1st and renewed their vow to chivalry. So as we step into 2022, with or without a roasted peacock, here’s 3 ways that Tarot can beat the January blues by bringing a little fun into your resolution making.


Everyone loves making new year’s predictions. Buy a Tarot card deck and pull one card from it randomly, whilst asking “What will be the theme of 2022 for me?”. Or, select twelve-cards to represent a card for every month. The signs and symbols, numbers and images on each card reveal the answers.


Resolutions are great, even if we don’t keep them. They generally come in two varieties – what are going to stop doing and what are we going to start doing. Pull one card from the deck asking “What in my life no longer serves me?” for an idea of what to let go of. Then ask “What should I focus on doing this year?” whilst pulling a card or two. Finally ask “What will help me keep my resolutions this year?” to see what advice the cards offer.


What changes do you want to see in 2022? Find every card with images of what you want to manifest. The Four of Wands and Six of Cups to move house, the Ace or Eight of Pentacles for a new job, the Two of Cups for a new relationship or the Empress to start or extend a family. Meditate with the cards you’ve chosen, focusing on manifesting their energies in your life in 2022.

Write down your results and predictions to see how accurate they were and speak to Josie Tarot about lessons and coaching for beginners, intermediary or advanced.