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Divination Services

We offer Tarot Card, Tasseography, Oracle Card & Rune Readings.

Life can be tough sometimes; especially now. Have your life circumstances changed unexpectedly or have you grown tired of your life the way it is?. Have you lost a beloved pet or do you know someone who’s pet is missing? People come to Josie Tarot for insight into their situations, to connect with loved ones, for help making business decisions or guidance about which direction to take next. When life changes suddenly, our divination services provide clarity and confidence to move forward with purpose..

Tarot is not a party trick, and divination is so much more than fortune telling. A reader holds space for you to awaken your own inner healing and tap into what you deeply already know to be true. We also connect with animals to see how they are feeling, where they have been and where they are now.

Please review our services below and contact us if you have questions about what service will work best for your own, personal circumstances.


Services can only be secured and confirmed with advance payment. Enquires can be made by phone or email. Without advance payment, services are not considered to be secured and will be released 60 minutes before the appointment you enquired about. Readings will not go ahead until payment is received.

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