How to Communicate with Animals

Animal communication is the means to connect with animals and exchange thoughts, feelings and communications with them.

And the best thing is, anyone can do it! Every person on the planet has the ability to connect with, and speak to animals; we’ve just forgotten how. Think about it. Human beings are a species of animal too. So it makes sense that we can transmit information to any living being and receive it back. Be it plants, rocks, crystals or animals. The idea that we are not separate from other forms of life is known as the organising principle. The understanding that every living thing on the planet is connected is becoming more widely accepted by mainstream thinking.

Do you talk to plants? Scientists in Western Australia discovered that house plants communicate using vibrations. They recognise and respond to the unique, energy field of their caretakers and use it to tell us what their needs are when we are near them. Commands such as, ‘I need water’ and ‘I need sunlight’ should not be regarded as your own thoughts when you are in the same room as a plant!

“Non-verbal communication is a language all by itself.”

In the past, scientists were obsessed with finding behaviours that separated us from animals. For example, the ability to produce abstract thoughts or use tools. But guess what? Since then, the world has modernised, and scientific peer reviewed journals conclude that man is not the only animal with these abilities. Crows in a bird sanctuary in France were filmed using tools to free worms from boxes with their beaks. Lab rats have been observed, reflecting on what they know and don’t know and choosing to free each other from cages rather than accepting the food rewards being offered. Primates can use paints and brushes to produce art and orangutans borrow canoes to forage for aquatic plants!

Anyone can learn to communicate with animals.

In addition to demonstrating their ability to think and use tools, any species can show empathy and emotion; proving beyond doubt that animals are sentient beings. Take Tolo, the Italian cat who brings gifts of mice and twigs to the grave of his deceased master. Or the elephants making long journeys to visit the people who rescued them. Or the humpback whale who was filmed saving a seal from predators.

If it’s language that causes man to feel separate from other animals, then perhaps we shouldn’t. Language is conveyed through emotions, feelings and images as well as words. Human babies can’t speak immediately but with sign language they can communicate their needs and desires. Ancient civilisations relied on images and symbols and early man left paintings on cave walls to tell passing travellers which animals were living close by and how to hunt them.

Moving beyond traditional and rational thinking about language as the only form of communication is the first step to communicating with animals. The ability to mentally and emotionally connect with different species is being practised all over the world. Pet owners, animal breeders and vets who want to understand dis-ease or behaviour changes in animals, work with animal communicators who connect easily and directly to the mind of the animal. By making a heart connection of unconditional love, and loving kindness at the same time, the information is returned in the form of images, sensations, feelings, memories and deep inner knowing.

Try to be very present with the animals in your care.

Like an unused muscle, the more you practice the stronger your communications will become. Begin by just being open to the possibility of animal communication and the more you expect it, the more evidence you will see that you can do it.

Look at an insect, bird or animal and acknowledge that they are like you, just in a different form. It will transform your relationship with them. Practice making contact with their mind and feel what it’s like to touch them; smell them and hear the noises they make as you connect. It’s like tuning a dial to receive a radio station. One day, you will find the right frequency.

Animal communicators offer different services. Josie Tarot works with lost pets by connecting directly with them to guide them home or passing information from the animal about their whereabouts to the volunteer teams looking for them. We only communicate with animals ethically. The will of the animal always comes first and we never pursue a connection if the animal is not willing. This of course includes the will of beloved animal companions who have passed.

So why not begin your animal communication journey today. Start with an animal that you know well and share your stories with us on the Josie Tarot Facebook page. Good luck!