Coming Out of the Tarot Closet

Tarot card reader. Mystic (Meg!). Medium. Psychic.

Do these words conjure up an image of an old lady with lace gloves and a crystal ball describing a tall, dark and handsome stranger that will come into your life soon? Admit it. We’ve all had our fingers burned by fairground fortune tellers whose palms we crossed with (too much!) silver. We’ve all been tarot sceptics at some point.

Is it any wonder then, that my CV makes absolutely no reference to my skills as a practising tarot card reader and a lifetime commitment to the study of the spiritual arts?

Whether, and when, to come out of the spiritual closet poses a very real dilemma for a growing number of people. Especially now, in the so-called ‘age of Aquarius’ when human consciousness is said to be evolving into a new-age paradigm. A world in which one ‘awakens’ to a more inner-based sense of spirituality and meta-physical understanding of the world.

On the whole, mainstream society is very accepting of practices such as yoga, meditation and plant-based diets that were ridiculed in the past for being a 1960’s embarrassment. So why does no-one feel comfortable admitting that they consulted the tarot before making a business decision or an important life choice? Why is tarot reading as a hobby or a means of employment labelled as a ‘mid-life-crisis’ or a poor life choice; when in fact, these 15th Century cards have evolved to become an inspiring, fulfilling and lucrative career for a large number of people

In my case, I swapped a socially acceptable job in a large, American tech corporation for a freelance tarot reading business and I never looked back. I was happy to say goodbye to the misplaced egos and hierarchies that haunt a lot of well paid, life-sapping jobs. I couldn’t turn a blind eye to workplace bullying and despite the economic security of a well paid job, I was being undermined and disrespected in the name of comfort blanket pension contributions and annual leave.

“Tarot is definitely not a party trick, or a Hollywood personified occult tool of evil.”

Like a lot of small businesses, what started as a hobby became a passion that grew into ‘this is what I do’; but up until now it had all been behind closed doors. Seriously; my clients find me by word of mouth. Readings take place via video calls and apart from my website I’m not doing any advertising at all. Think about that movie, The Wizard of Oz. I was safely operating  from behind the curtain, or in my case the computer screen, until a client said to me: “no, I don’t have a computer and I don’t know what a video call is”…!! What???… *Quickly inserts a shocked face emoji*.

It was a spiritual rite of passage…

It was a beautiful hot, windless day in May 2020. I was sitting in my garden, reading a book when a passer-by stopped and declared that they would like a tarot reading right there and then. Well; you can imagine my surprise. Not wishing to break the rules of social distancing or tempt the universe to send my cards flying with an ill timed gust of Easterly wind, I politely said no and went back to reading my book. Immediately, my drinking glass fell off the table. I grazed my hand trying to stop the glass from shattering all over the concrete paving slabs and my peacefully slumbering cat was loudly screeching her discontent at the sudden disruption. As a person who’s in the business of interpreting signs, I promptly called the stranger back and agreed to read for him. At an acceptable social distance of course!

And so I find myself, now in the middle of my own, spiritual dilemma. Am I ready to come out of the tarot closet to sit here, unashamedly visible in my front garden. Exposing a well-thumbed Radiant Rider Waite tarot deck, earth magic oracle cards, animal tarot cards, super moon charged crystals, smudging stick and sandalwood incense for all and sundry to mock and to gossip and to judge? Or do I embrace the opportunity as a spiritual ‘sword on the shoulder’ and ‘come out’ of the tarot closet as the confident, competent tarot reader that I am. Naked. Exposed. Society’s darling turned dark arts devil worshipper *laughingly inserts a giggling face emoji*.

I have just faced my own rite of passage. An acceptance of self that was cruelly disguised as an imaginary public flogging. I am part of the silent, tarot revolution that has been taking place in the bedrooms, living rooms and front gardens of homes all over the world. The hippies, mystics and sage’s that we once thought of have been replaced by the level headed, business background, meat eating, sugar loving, alcohol drinking, free spirited, empathic, high vibrational, transformational, pioneering, tarot card wielding readers of our time. You might be living next door to one right now!

In Summary

Tarot is not a party trick, or a Hollywood personified occult tool of evil. The tarot cards, when read, provide insight, guidance and wisdom through their interrelated stories and symbols. A tarot card reader is someone who holds space for you while you awaken and tune into your own inner healer, so that you may heal yourself by tapping into what you deeply already know to be true.

If you are thinking about a tarot card reading, but you can’t decide if it’s right for you, try listening to a tarot card reading on YouTube or watch a free live reading video on the Josie Tarot Facebook page. And next time you catch yourself joking about witches, psychics and tarot card readers, remember that your co-worker, neighbour, son or girlfriend might be the one laughing back at you; albeit from inside the closet, with a couple of black cats thrown in for good measure.