Personal, confidential tarot card readings

Josie Tarot is a member of Tabi & the Spiritual Workers Association

About Josie Jakub

Josie has been a student of the spiritual arts for a lifetime in this lifetime, and during many past lifetimes. She has an Aquarius sun and moon, with Scorpio rising and was born in the Chinese new year of the horse. Josie's rune is Algiz and she met her animal spirit guide in the autumn of 2015. Josie is particularly interested in the tarot, shamanism, dream interpretation, Beltane, QHHT, mediumship and the twin flame connection. Josie has been regressed many times and uses the knowledge gained from past lives to guide her through, and better understand her present day experiences. Josie is available for interviews, tarot workshops, 1:1 spiritual coaching and of course, for tarot card reading. Josie lives on the South Coast of England with her little cat, Mimi.

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